The faces behind The Cupcake Parlour

Lucy Neme Founder
Carolina Camelo Co-Founder

I couldn’t have had a better mentor for my cooking and baking skills than my own beloved mother. Those were the days, when in my teenage years my mother was busy at the kitchen experimenting with new flavors, exotic recipes and her one-of-a-kind homemade jams, which I proudly inherited. Her unique creations were always a success for the community we lived in. History repeats itself and now my daughter Carolina and I spend time together working on exciting baking projects, recreating new fillings, frostings and cake decorating designs. My mother’s legacy has been inspirational to us in moving forward and running our own family business in the artisanal food industry.

It all started back in 2013 when close friends commissioned us to bake cupcakes and cakes for their special occasions. Through word of mouth and the unwavering support of family members and those who firmly believed in us, what was just a simple concept back then had consistently evolved into a life project. Our creations were considered by many as both beautifully designed and naturally made. Without a doubt, there was a gap in the current local market for the perfect balance between artistry and flavor. And so The Cupcake Parlour was born.

Soon we realized that my daughter’s passion for art and my background in Fashion Design would pave the way to take cake design in Calgary up to the next level: ‘haute couture baked goods’ inspired by our clients’ most unique desires. Nature has also been another source of inspiration when sketching designs; this is how we became enthralled with realistic-looking sugar flowers, allowing us to arrange countless handcrafted sugar bouquets and compositions to commemorate any special occasion. The beauty of making handcrafted baked goods -from scratch- lies on the sentimental value rather than material worth. At The Cupcake Parlour, we are delighted to help you breathe life into your dreamed celebrations. Let us be part of your story!